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7 Steps to a Great Night of Caroling



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Holiday caroling is a great neighborhood tradition. Here are a few tips to help make it a fun night.

1. Plan ahead
Send out emails or stop by neighbors’ houses to invite them to join you. You can have fun decorating a flyer to pass out as a reminder.

2. Create a song list
Know ahead of time which classics you’ll want to sing – it may even be worth coordinating a practice session. Many people grow up singing different versions of even the most common holiday songs, so don’t forget to print copies of lyrics or provide a link to download to phones to keep everyone consistent.

3. Time it right
Pick a weeknight or a Sunday afternoon for your outing to increase the chances of neighbors being home. Plan to go after dinner, but before bedtime, generally between 6-8 p.m.

4. Light the way
Bring flashlights, LED candles, or even a candle app to keep the group together and help you read music. Matching glow sticks can also be fun!

5. Don’t forget to jingle
Bells, triangles, or even a set of keys help your song sound more dynamic. It’s a great way for people too bashful to sing in public to participate.

6. Bring snacks
Pack up holiday cookies to eat, share and deliver to your neighbors as you go.

7. Roll out the wagon
You’ll be glad to have somewhere to keep extra layers, mugs of cocoa and goodies to give away.

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Missouri Realtors Provide A Bench For All


Gifted Bench Will Face City’s First Inclusive Playground

Warrensburg, MO: August 7, 2017- Cave Hollow Park received a public bench on July, 28, 2017, thanks to the Midwest Missouri Board of Realtors. The bench was presented in recognition of the future Inclusive Playground project. “Playground For All” will be a park that is accessible by all kids of all abilities. It’s a collaborative effort led by Warrensburg Parks and Recreation, Johnson County Board of Services, and WILS (West-Central Independent Living Solutions. The bench is positioned facing the future site of the park, which is slated to open May 2018.


“This is not a park for children with special needs.  It’s a park for everyone to play,” says Jessi Frencken, a Pediatric Physical Therapist, in a post at “Our world is made up of people with varying abilities.  It’s our job to make sure everyone has access to their world.”


Present at the bench placement were members of Warrensburg Parks and Rec, Johnson County Community Services/RISE, and the Midwest Missouri Board of Realtors.


This is the third bench in Warrensburg that MidWest Missouri Board of Realtors has donated to Warrensburg. The board has also placed benches at Lions Lake and Old Drum's Best Friend Dog Park. These gifts were all made possible by a grant from the National Association of Realtors.


“Realtors understand the importance of community, and benches are a simple thing that can be a quiet place to rest, or even a place to meet a new friend,” says Bryan Jacobs, President of Midwest Missouri Board of Realtors. “If anyone has an idea of a public place that could use a bench, let the Midwest Missouri Board of Realtors know. ”

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4 Mealtime Resources for a Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving dinner is probably the most anticipated meal of the year — which puts a ton of pressure on anyone with hosting duties.

Don’t panic! The resources below will help you prevent (or smooth over) most cooking blunders.

1.  USDA Leftovers and Food Safety Guide

Don’t let food poisoning destroy your Black Friday shopping plans – use these tips to store leftovers the right way.

2. Turkey-Talk Line

Something fowl happening in your oven? Before asking your mother-in-law for input, you can call the Turkey-Talk line. The free service offered by Butterball fields more than 100,000 inquiries each year in November and December. 

3. Identifying Hidden Sources of Gluten

Gluten can be found in more dishes than you may suspect. Broths, seasonings and many processed foods either contain or are processed in the same facility as gluten. This guide from Udi’s describes the taste and texture of foods with gluten, which can give you a better idea of when to double check what's safe for a GF-guest to eat.

4. Substitutions & Measurements

Whether you ran out of a certain spice, are working with herbs or forgot how to calculate fractions, here are some handy reference tools to save the day!

Would your Thanksgiving be better with a bigger kitchen, extra guest room or more space for parking? When it’s time to start looking for a new home, call your RE/MAX United Agent who is here to help you! 660-422-7813

The Importance of a Buyer's Agent



A real estate transaction is a complex process involving stacks of paperwork and a number of outside service providers and contractors.

An experienced buyer's agent can guide you through the process, answering your questions and serving as your advocate. Your agent will help you find the property that fits your needs, submit offers and counteroffers, suggest a good property inspector and other professionals, and provide all sorts of relevant advice.With a buyer's agent, you'll have someone on your side, looking out for your interests every step of the way.
When seeking out a buyer’s agent, look for factors such as productivity, education and experience.
Look for an agent who understands your lifestyle. Make sure the agent knows the neighborhoods you're interested in, and can answer questions you'll have about the location.

What are the costs involved in hiring a buyer’s agent?

As a buyer, you don’t pay your agent directly. Instead, the agent receives an agreed-upon portion of the listing agent's sales commission (usually about half), which is paid by the seller.If you're thinking this structure works against you by giving your buyer's agent an incentive to let you pay more than you need to, consider this:The increase in a buyer's agent commission on, say, a $5,000 to $10,000 jump in price would be only $125 to $250. Good buyer's agents – those who are productive and engaged in the business full time – aren't going to risk their reputation or your satisfaction – which can generate referrals to your friends and family!
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