RE/MAX United mission is to develop professional Real Estate agent that achieve their definition of success. We are very proud of our commission packages to help agents achieve this mission. We are not successful unless you are successful.

With All Packages you will receive leads from RE/ and the office website. You will also have your own personal website that you will be able to provide a web address to in order to drive traffic to your website. All sign calls will be directed to the listing agent so you don't have to worry about calls to the office going to anyone but you. You will also get a full time broker who's goal is to assist you in your success. You will also have access to the RE/MAX training videos to assist you in your growth. Nobody in the business offers you more then RE/MAX does. Broker does regular advertising to promote the office in order to drive traffic to the office. You will have keys to the office and the office will be available to you 24/7. Broker also provides back up support so you can still enjoy your life and family.


PACKAGE 1 - 95/5 - Agent/Broker%

PACKAGE 2 - 70/30 Agent/Broker%

PACKAGE 3 - 50/50 Agent/Broker%


Things to consider when making a decision on the best office for you.

1. Is the broker available to help you? Does the broker respond to emails, phone calls and text if they are not in the office?

2. Is there an office assistant in the office to assist you in moving your transactions along so you may work on more deals?

3. Where is the office located and does it present a professional image? Would you be proud to bring your clients to the office?

4. Does the office have upgraded listings on other websites to insure your listing come to you and only you?

5. Is there a professional website for the company and a professional website for you to market with? Clients are searching the websites well before they come to you. 

6. What is the turnover on agents in the office? What do the agents in the office say about the office?

7. Is there teamwork in the office?

8. What type of training is provided?

9. Is the commission structure easy to understand? Does the broker provide value for their side of the commission or are they just collecting a check for your hard work. 

10. Is there a structure in place to allow you to access your files on line giving you the ability to work away from the office?